Weight Loss Hypnosis With Pain Relief Hypnotherapy

Weight is a subjective topic that brings out a lot of emotion and conjecture with people. Pain comes in many forms, the most obvious being physical pain, in which a person experiences feelings of discomfort or hurt within the body. It is not up to me to judge whether you are overweight or not. Different cultures and customs attribute beauty to different body shapes and appearances. To a certain degree (although the trend is by no means ongoing and overwhelming) western culture worships a lean and muscled body. For proof ? look at fashion/health magazines and home shopping TV channels!!

All this can lead to a detrimental level of thinking whether by beauty is associated closely to a lean and muscled body shape ? therefore if you don?t conform you must loose weight!!

A better way of thinking is to associate weight loss with health without pain.

Your doctor will have a guide which will tell you that for your age, height and body structure your ideal weight range would be between x and y. This is called your ideal BMI (body mass index). Your doctor will also tell you what your current health (any ailments?) situation is and how this can be improved with weight loss with pain relief hypnotherapy.

So you need to lose weight to get down to your BMI range? In today?s health market, there are lots of options open for you. Diets, exercise boot camps, fat zap, surgery, pills, fasting?..the list is endless.

Most typical weight loss solutions include what the sellers don?t advertise ? high cost, lots of pain, no guarantee of long term success and sometimes detriment to your health.

Most weight loss solutions will not address the REAL problems that cause weight gain and weight retention without any pain relief therapy.

Weight loss hypnosis (or sometimes termed weight control hypnosis) is the use of hypnotherapy techniques to address your subconscious issues with regards to body weight and appearance.

Believe it or not, your subconscious may not want to lose weight or keep any weight loss permanently!!

Why not? Your subconscious is there to protect you. There may be a myriad of ?irrational reasons? that your subconscious doesn?t ?approve of weight loss? ? all of these will have resulted from some past conditioning from your experiences.

The subconscious may think fasting and dieting is really bad for you (from something you read). So your diets will fail and you will not follow through.

It may think losing weight will mean you move out of a long established comfort zone into new dangerous territory (from a past experience where you?ve changed your appearance). So even after losing weight you will feel uncomfortable and immediately put it back on.

Your subconscious may think surgery to help weight loss only addresses your outward appearance. So after surgery you will go right back to eating junk and binging.

Whatever reasons behind subconscious hindrance to weight loss ? you need to bring your subconscious on side about weight loss. You need to convince your subconscious through weight control hypnosis that weight loss is actually really good for you!

You see the subconscious is a really powerful part of your brain ? it?s the bit below the tip of the iceberg ? where many of your vital functions are conducted. Your subconscious regulates your breathing, blood flow, bodily functions, motor control etc. Think about the times where you?ve been driving along?then suddenly you realize that you?ve arrived at your destination and didn?t even have to think about doing it! These things happen thousands of times a day where your subconscious does things without needing you to rationally think of each step.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss is about confronting your subconscious about the real reasons for weight loss. It?s about addressing through weight loss hypnosis, any subconscious hurdles that are actually preventing your from losing weight and keeping it off permanently.

When you book in for a session of weight control hypnosis, we firstly examine you in hypnotic state (this can only be done with your conscious consent ? no one can be hypnotised without allowing themselves to be!) and examine the real reasons you want to lose weight as well as the real reasons that are holding your back from achieving weight loss.

Weight loss hypnosis will then imprint new patterns of thinking and doing to help you lose the weight you need to lose for your health and keep it off permanently!

Through the power of weight loss hypnotherapy you will achieve the TRUE goals in losing weight?.

  • to be truly confident in your appearance after weight loss
  • be able to play and interact with your children, family and partner
  • feel fit and healthy
  • eat healthy without reverting to binging
  • have long lasting energy for work and play

The best thing is?weight control hypnotherapy will make permanent weight loss seem effortless and without any pain ? just like driving that car ? you will not need to think about it! You will eat right, exercise, lose weight and keep it off without needing to yourself every minute of every day. Weight loss hypnosis IS a GODSEND with pain relief hypnotherapy!

Weight control hypnosis will give you permanent mental tools that will keep you focused on healthy habits and build true inner confidence in your physical appearance. The results that this will bring to your health, relationships and personal confidence are literally priceless.

The true solution pain relief, value for money, permanent and healthy weight loss is weight loss hypnotherapy.

Are Your Habits Healthy? And Are You Living Healthy Recipes?

Ever thought about your diet away from food! I am not talking about what we eat and drink here people. Are your habits healthy and what sort of living healthy recipe do you follow on a daily basis?

I love the English language we use to communicate with, but do you know who we are in communication with constantly? Now I’ve said it I’m sure you do. Ourselves of course, have you ever thought about that.

We are not born with any habits healthy or otherwise, but as we grow we acquire some pretty fast, and for some of us those habits can be our downfall

The habit of looking both ways before crossing the street. Now that’s a good healthy habit, isn’t it. How about the habit of eating everything on our plate before we finish a meal. That’s a little more “grey area” isn’t it. Bathing on a daily basis – we’re all good with that, over eating on a regular basis and seeking comfort in food for many of us has become a bad habit.

But here’s the good news folks – just as you learnt and acquired some bad habits so you can unlearn them and acquire new habits healthy and productive. How do you do this; let’s move on to the second area I want to discuss.

Diets and living healthy recipes.

Now as I said before, I am not talking about what we eat and drink art this stage (we’ll get to that).

How is a cake made ingredients put together from a recipe, right.

Now those ingredients have to be sourced by the cake maker. Away from food still, our diet on a daily basis is what we take in through our senses, especially our ears, eyes and what comes out of our mouth instead of going in, by that I mean our conversations!
Now we choose who we have conversation with, what we read and watch on tv etc. and who and what we listen to.
This is where your “living recipe” reveals it self. Where do you source the ingredients for your day-to-day diet! We have a choice what to watch, what to read, who or what to listen to, who to have meaningful conversations with. And all of this will determine your state of mind and your well being.
One brief dictionary definition for habit is this:

acquired behaviour pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary.

This can be turned to your advantage in the quest for a healthy and full filling life.

A brief lesser considered dictionary definition of diet is this:

…anything that is habitually provided or partaken of: Television has given us a steady diet of game shows and soap operas.

Do not think of diet only in terms of food consumption nor habits only as bad. You can create habits healthy and beneficial and you can cook up some new living healthy recipes for life. Nothing comes to anyone without some work on themselves first, even if that is only some self-knowledge.

Lose Belly Fat With Diet – Stop Feeling Ugly

Ladies, does your belly fat make you feel ugly? Guys, is your fat belly making the ladies beat down your door? I didn’t think so either. What if I told you that you can lose belly fat with diet, and look and feel better than ever? Would you take me up on it? When do you want to lose your belly fat, and when do you want to start to make the change?

It’s hard to make changes. No one likes to change. As adults we are set in our ways, and we like it that way. No one likes change because it takes us out of our comfort zone, and forces us to do something different. Some changes in life can really cause a lot of suffering. Maybe you’ve tried to lose your belly fat with diet before and it hasn’t worked? I don’t know what you tried, but let me try and give you a few basics that will really help in your battle of the buldge.


You have to move your body. Cardio is imperative to fat loss. There is no way to target one specific area of fat on the body. You can do sit ups and crunches until the cows come home, but you will not lose your belly fat. You will get stronger abs, but the fat will still be there. Cardio will move your whole body and get it going to produce heat that will burn fat. 30-45 minutes a day is all you need. Walking is the best way to start cardio training. Walking is very low impact, and it is easily sustainable for 30-45 minutes.

Sorry Charlie, no sugar allowed

Sugar is your enemy. All of the extra sugar in soda, sweet tea and refined carbohydrates are killing your fat loss efforts. Try eating only things made from whole wheat flour. These foods are high in fiber and protein, and will help you burn fat.

Tips On How To Lose Weight Naturally

I’m making this page about how to lose weight naturally, because I’m a nurse and there are many diseases that can be prevented from eating healthy and exercising regularly. I would like to share this wonderful program on losing weight its called “Strip the Fat”, and the results are amazing check it out. Click on the Link at the end of this article.

Weight Loss: How to Maintain Your Success

Losing weight can be a challenging task, and when you have achieved your weight loss goal, how do you maintain your success and keep those extra pounds off for good? Here are some good suggestions:-My 5 tips for staying healthy are: Exercise, Proper eating habits (drink lots of water, eat fruits and veggies, and don’t forget the vitamins), find a support group (local or online), set goals ( make a list, do some research), and most important just take one day at a time don’t give up.

Eating Habits

The first thing you can do is to make sure that you maintain the diet life style that you used previously to lose all that weight. Obviously in order to gain considerable success in your weight loss program, you have made certain changes in your consumption of food and eating habits. Now is the time to permanently instill those habits into your lifestyle. If you get back to your old eating habits, you will unquestionably pack on the extra pounds again, and this time, due to the metabolic and chemical changes that occurred in your body during the initial dieting, is will be harder to lose them the second time around.
Correct Mindset

You need to condition your thinking patterns into believing that you will keep that weight off after a successful weight loss goal has been achieved. Those thoughts will assist you in develop healthy eating habits that will help you maintain a trim and healthy body. Self affirmation; visualizations and meditation can help you to get into the right frame of mind to achieve this end. By developing the right mindset, you can keep yourself from reaching out to grab the next mouthful of your favorite custard pudding at the next family get -together!


This is a crucial step in any weight loss program. Without proper exercise, you can never achieve long term success in your efforts to lose weight. Select the right exercise that you can enjoy, have loads of fun doing it and gives you a great workout at the same time. There are plenty of exercises you can select from but do talk to your physician before embarking on any rigorous physical activity.

Support Group

Sometimes what you need is that extra dose of motivation to keep you going on your weight loss program. A public proclamation isn’t always necessary, but putting your integrity and your pride at stake by sharing your weight loss goals with a few of your close friends or family members can go a long way to keep you focused on those weight loss program. Remember to choose wisely, and do not share them with those who have a negative attitude and who will most likely dampen your enthusiasm to lose weight.

Losing weight can be an exhilarating process, if you know the right way to do it and have fun in the process. Remember, you will always gravitate towards things that brings you pleasure, and if you want to make your success in weight loss permanent, make the process fun and rewarding by taking the necessary steps to inculcate these tips we share into your lifestyle.

You Should Love Ones Exercise Package For This To Work.

Most dieters are superficial in their approach to fitness because they only search for fast weight loss tips without changing much in their lives. Web sites and fitness magazines often provide solutions for weight loss, but most of these programs are not very efficient. Shed a few pounds and then reach a weight loss plateau: this is the common of challenges. A few abandon the fight, while others begin investing in all sorts of peculiar and expensive weight loss solutions.

Let’s define weight loss superficiality and discover why fast weight loss tips often fail. We are superficial because we put all of our trust in some ready-made solution and fool ourselves into believing that a few weeks of starvation, drinking lemon juice or weight training every day will strip all the fat. Most dieters don’t even know why they are fat let alone identify the right solutions for their condition.

Far from me to point the finger or start a self-blaming vicious circle, I’m just referring to self-awareness and a wake up call to reality. I am a fatso. So why? Do I eat too much? Do I eat the wrong food? Am I sedentary? Do I take refuge in food to alleviate some emotional problems? Is it a psychological issue? How committed am I? Such examples of questions should contribute to objectively determining the causes underlying your condition: then, fast weight loss tips could prove more meaningful.

Even the concept of ‘fast’ weight loss is wrong. Every body system is unique and reacts uniquely to different changes. As a result, even if it would be wonderful to find efficient and safe fast weight loss tips, it is better to stay realistic. Be patient with your overall body, and also make changes gradually. Define your notion of healthy lifestyle by writing down healthy foods, healthy meal times, healthy activities, positive thoughts and any other good thing in your existence.

This is the basis on which to start building a thinner body. Be full of love and positive thinking and results will show up sooner than you expect. Believe in your placed aims, try to eat organic food, eliminate prejudices, negative thoughts and fears and start some sport routine. Changing the lifestyle should really bring fitness goals closer within reach, nevertheless unless transformation is really begun, the fake quick weight decrease ideas will continue to fail you over and over.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots – Fat Loss Myths Uncovered

How is Fat Loss 4 Idiots any different from all the other diets that have come along? For starters, the creators do not expect you to starve your way thin. There are no counting calories or worrying about fat or protein content. You follow a simple diet plan that has you eating as much as six times per day. Now I know what you are thinking how can eating more result in weight loss? The key is the type of calories and calorie combinations. That may sound like a crazy idea but is it really? The main idea is to reverse what happens on a low calorie diet.

Low Calorie Diet Myth

Low calorie diets never seem to work because the body is created to survive. What that means is anytime you have a massive drop in caloric intake your body’s metabolism will slow down to compensate. For instance if you drop a thousand calories from your diet then your metabolism will drop to only burning that many calories in a day, plus you feel horrible.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots is different because you will not be massively reducing caloric intake you will be changing the type of calories you consume as well as the days you consume them. Keeping your body supplied with all the nutrients it needs to function correctly.

Food Groups

Another popular diet myth is that you can lose weight and keep it off by getting rid of a food group. No carb, no fat, or no protein diets forget one essential thing; the human body requires all these things to operate. When you do away with a food group you are depriving your body of key nutrients, and your body will begin to crave foods with these nutrients.

On the flip side of eliminating one food group are the diets that focus on eating only one thing. Like the cabbage or grapefruit diets that have plagued us all. The same problem applies; you are not giving your body the nutrients it needs to be healthy. Besides these diets, are nearly impossible to stay on, who wants to eat the same things over and over, day in and day out?

Fat Loss 4 Idiots turns dieting on its ear by allowing the dieter to eat from all food groups up to six times per day. The difference in this diet plan is not how much but when you eat what. When you change your eating habits every few days the metabolism scrambled to keep up, burning more calories than normal.


Will the Fat Loss 4 Idiots work for everyone? It can but there is some user responsibility to adhere to the tenets of the diet. Nothing you go at half way will ever work. That being said this is a sound plan to lose weight. You get to stay healthy and eat plenty while still shedding pounds.